Autumn of 2006, Genova, Italy.

I loved walking every night in Porto Antico, siting on a bench, listening the waves and watching the seagulls dance in the sky. I had my HP R727 (my first camera) with me and for the first time I wanted to capture something different. 

I wanted to photograph people. But not ordinary people. The connection between them and the story within. 

I remember I always wanted to explore that abandoned blue ship and have a wider view over the people walking on the seaport. Something called me there that night. 

And I answered. 

I got to the first floor and while I was climbing, under the stairs I witnessed one of the most authentic human connection. So I took the shot. I knew then it was the gift of the ship, of the sea and of photography itself for me.

I felt like I was in that scene in Titanic where Jack & Rose got together and hid from the crowd to write their own love story 🙂 That moment marked my fascination for people’s tales of love & friendship.

And after all these years, even if it’s dark and blurry, this photo remains the one that marked the beginning of the journey for me. And what a journey it was! 🙂

4 years later, 2010, Cluj Napoca.

It was a mysterious autumn day. That fantastic light embraced everything on its way. Light makes everything reborn, did you know that? This is how they reborn one in front of another.

I stood still for a few minutes and just admired them before taking this photo. I like to think he looked at her and saw her as she really is. She was dwelling in light and she was so beautiful. It took his breath away.

In that second, in that light… he found her again. They found each other. Time stopped passing by. The lake in front of them witnessed this eternal moment. And the leaves embraced them forever. 

This was the frame that awoke in me the art of capturing people’s emotions. Of seeking a deeper connection and not just what you can see with your own eyes. 

It was a moment of pure and powerful revelation. My revelation. I understood what God has given me and from that moment on I dedicated myself into finding beauty in people’s lives. 

11 years later. Me & my wife. All over Europe.

I continue to be amazed of the deepest and most courageous love stories. Stories books could not write and movies could not play. But stories that gave photography the privilege of being known, uncovered, unveiled. 

Stories of simple and great people whose love exceeds the ordinary. Those are the people who sacrificed so much in their lives to be able to conquer the love, in order to truly find love.

They are dreamers whose dreams do not perish. They are fighters whose freedom do not come cheap. People like you and like me. We are the ones who found true love and see it as it is: a true miracle.


My name is Paul Boldut and this is my manifesto. I am the seeker of those love stories that go beyond what is seen.

Together with my wife Lidia, we embarked in an adventure all over Europe, trying to capture and document in a personal way those moments that must to kept forever. Lidia is what made my photography approach complete.

She is the one who always sees the details that I could never see. She has the skills to capture emotions in a natural way. It comes naturally to do it because she is built from this amazing fire of emotions.

That’s why I’m so blessed to have her beside me, not just for the support and encouragement, but for her native talent of seeing the essence in the people. 


The greatest achievement so far is our daughter Clara Elizabeth, who has brought into our lives a completely different vision of the world. It’s our daily inspiration and our heavenly gift.

She teaches us to love and to cherish everything that is pure and gentle in people.  She makes us cultivate beauty in our lives through everything we do and we are.

Thank you.

If you got here, I would sincerely like to thank you for taking the time to know us and our vision. If you did this, you have already conquered us by your presence here so we would be honored to find out about you.

About your story! Deep, strong or passionate. However it is, we are the people who will understand it and photograph it in its most unique way. 

Let’s find out about your event. Intimate or wide. Indoor or outdoor. Short or endless. However it is, we are here to be part of it.  We’ll be your friends before we’ll be your photographers.

We want to know you so we can get 100% of your essence.

Let’s make some memories!

For the adventure in life,