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- I'll follow you till the end of the world - Get ready for a fearless new adventure in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea!  [...]


Despre acea dragoste neinfricata. O demonstratie de iubire in vreme de pandemie.  Un manifest pentru libertate. O adevarata lectie de curaj si d[...]


Stop the time. Close everything and open your heart. Now you are ready for the adventure.  * * *  A Stockholm journey by the sea has begun. Made o[...]


'Voi sunteti lumina lumii. O cetate asezata pe un munte nu poate sa ramana ascunsa.' 'You are the light of the world. A fortress built on a hill ca[...]


There's a different kind of emotion beneath the sky and bellow the mountains... you can always feel it. Everything connects into one majestic scene[...]


*Love as a miracle of life* Have you ever seen a love so pure and genuine? This is the kind of love that changes people, changes destinies, chang[...]


Welcome to the legendary wedding of two people madly in love with each other. What you are about to see is nothing but extraordinary and beyond ma[...]

This if for you

This is for you. The one who searches for that special one.  The one who never ceases to believe. The one who will always wait. I have a message fo[...]

Adventure of a Lifetime

Time is priceless. Love is a gift. And this is all you have in this life. Why not live the dream you always wanted to live?  Join us and make your s[...]

Chris & Lari

This is the story of Chris - an Air Force Academy warrior & Lari - a girl with diamonds in her eyes and kindness in her heart. * 'Place me l[...]


Hello. Welcome to the most authentic & spontaneous wedding you've ever seen.  This is not your typical kind of wedding. This is a declaration o[...]

Red Beach Adventure

They ran away to this intimate island where the earth meats the ocean.  This was more than an elopement on an outdoor beautiful destination...  Th[...]


  This one is in top 5 stories I ever photographed. I am almost speechless when I think about these two. Get your heart ready for you are abo[...]


Your heart is my castle, he said. Your hand is my home, she said.  This is a story like no other. It transcends time, it goes beyond history and [...]


  They say here it's the most beautiful sunset in the world. I say it's even more than that.    Santorini is the gift of God for people in love[...]


  This is Justin&Lizzy's magnificent wedding story written on a beautiful autumn day in London. An intimate, vintage-bohemian narrative w[...]


  We raise our love on top of the world and we build our shelter inside our hearts. Meet me on the mountain & beneath the stars, 'cause h[...]


  Get ready for the authentic spanish-argentinian wedding of the amazing Gonzalo&Endora. We could only imagine that we would have the hon[...]


  This Love will make History. And history is written by people like you and me.  Do you have the courage to conquer the world and win the batt[...]


  This is one of our favourite outdoor weddings we ever photographed! Carefully chosen details, a delicate&personal ceremony into the fore[...]


  One of the most touching love story we have ever seen! It all happned in the heart of the Danube River. We felt the deepest emotions, the st[...]


  'Every month is november and I love you every day. This is our month. It never has to end. I live for one thing: To love you, to make you hap[...]


  This was one of the most charming wedding Bucharest has ever seen. A majestic story like no other! A prince, a princess, the groomsman & [...]


  'Awake my dear, And be kind to my wondering heart. Take me into the vast fields of Light, And let me breathe into the great Castle of Love[...]


    'I, Daniel, take thee, Melisa, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward. For better, for worse, for richer[...]


  The day when they knew it was gonna be a lifetime journey. So let the journey begin!


  In this life you can be what you've always dreamed. Do you have the courage to follow your dreams? This is about the wedding of their dreams.[...]


  Sometimes we can't really find words to describe the depth of a feeling. This is all about that feeling. The moment when words fade and love[...]


  This wedding is the definition of pure love, true meaning of friendship and strong sense of faith. Two kids deeply in love with each othe[...]


  Moments from a garden wedding filled with joy & fun in this beautiful autumn scenary! Bring your friends along & share all the happin[...]

Chris & Larisa

You should know this first: There is nothing ordinary in what you are about to see. This is not the usual engagement photosession you are used to[...]

Palma de Mallorca

  Come with us in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea for a story filled with summer scent...  [...]


  The city of art, the city of lights, the city of mistery. Welcome to Barcelona, you'll be amazed!  [...]


  London is not a city. London is a journey. Forever in our hearts and alive in our memories.  [...]


  A city of painters, a city of musicians, a city of dreamers. Living here it's living a novel. [...]


  Walk with us on the charming streets of Viena, hear the whispers and write the story...


  This is The Wedding Preview  of  Samuel & Nicola  * 'There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear'.  (1 John 4:18) [...]