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Despre acea dragoste neinfricata. O demonstratie de iubire in vreme de pandemie.  Un manifest pentru libertate. O adevarata lectie de curaj si d[...]


Stop the time. Close everything and open your heart. Now you are ready for the adventure.  * * *  A Stockholm journey by the sea has begun. Made o[...]


There's a different kind of emotion beneath the sky and bellow the mountains... you can always feel it. Everything connects into one majestic scene[...]


*Love as a miracle of life* Have you ever seen a love so pure and genuine? This is the kind of love that changes people, changes destinies, chang[...]


Welcome to the legendary wedding of two people madly in love with each other. What you are about to see is nothing but extraordinary and beyond ma[...]

This if for you

This is for you. The one who searches for that special one.  The one who never ceases to believe. The one who will always wait. I have a message fo[...]

Chris & Lari

This is the story of Chris - an Air Force Academy warrior & Lari - a girl with diamonds in her eyes and kindness in her heart. * 'Place me l[...]


Hello. Welcome to the most authentic & spontaneous wedding you've ever seen.  This is not your typical kind of wedding. This is a declaration o[...]


  They say here it's the most beautiful sunset in the world. I say it's even more than that.    Santorini is the gift of God for people in love[...]


  This is Justin&Lizzy's magnificent wedding story written on a beautiful autumn day in London. An intimate, vintage-bohemian narrative w[...]


  Get ready for the authentic spanish-argentinian wedding of the amazing Gonzalo&Endora. We could only imagine that we would have the hon[...]


  This is one of our favourite outdoor weddings we ever photographed! Carefully chosen details, a delicate&personal ceremony into the fore[...]


  One of the most touching love story we have ever seen! It all happned in the heart of the Danube River. We felt the deepest emotions, the st[...]


  This was one of the most charming wedding Bucharest has ever seen. A majestic story like no other! A prince, a princess, the groomsman & [...]


    'I, Daniel, take thee, Melisa, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward. For better, for worse, for richer[...]


  In this life you can be what you've always dreamed. Do you have the courage to follow your dreams? This is about the wedding of their dreams.[...]


  This wedding is the definition of pure love, true meaning of friendship and strong sense of faith. Two kids deeply in love with each othe[...]


  Moments from a garden wedding filled with joy & fun in this beautiful autumn scenary! Bring your friends along & share all the happin[...]


  This is The Wedding Preview  of  Samuel & Nicola  * 'There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear'.  (1 John 4:18) [...]