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- I'll follow you till the end of the world - Get ready for a fearless new adventure in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea!  [...]


'Voi sunteti lumina lumii. O cetate asezata pe un munte nu poate sa ramana ascunsa.' 'You are the light of the world. A fortress built on a hill ca[...]

Adventure of a Lifetime

Time is priceless. Love is a gift. And this is all you have in this life. Why not live the dream you always wanted to live?  Join us and make your s[...]

Red Beach Adventure

They ran away to this intimate island where the earth meats the ocean.  This was more than an elopement on an outdoor beautiful destination...  Th[...]


  This one is in top 5 stories I ever photographed. I am almost speechless when I think about these two. Get your heart ready for you are abo[...]


Your heart is my castle, he said. Your hand is my home, she said.  This is a story like no other. It transcends time, it goes beyond history and [...]


  We raise our love on top of the world and we build our shelter inside our hearts. Meet me on the mountain & beneath the stars, 'cause h[...]


  This Love will make History. And history is written by people like you and me.  Do you have the courage to conquer the world and win the batt[...]


  'Every month is november and I love you every day. This is our month. It never has to end. I live for one thing: To love you, to make you hap[...]


  'Awake my dear, And be kind to my wondering heart. Take me into the vast fields of Light, And let me breathe into the great Castle of Love[...]


  The day when they knew it was gonna be a lifetime journey. So let the journey begin!


  Sometimes we can't really find words to describe the depth of a feeling. This is all about that feeling. The moment when words fade and love[...]

Chris & Larisa

You should know this first: There is nothing ordinary in what you are about to see. This is not the usual engagement photosession you are used to[...]

Wings of Love

Every love is a piece of heaven.  So spread your wings and fly! Fly to the moon and back if this is what it takes to find that one true love. [...]